The best rates for renting a moving lift

Here you will find competitive rates for renting a removal lift. Whether it is for short term or longer rental period, we always offer the sharpest price. Our moving lifts are of high quality and available at the lowest rates on the market.

Rent for 1 hour?

1 hour is enough time to use the moving lift effectively for your needs. Contact us.

€115 / one-time fee

Rent for 2 hours?

2 hours of moving time provides less stress and is more affordable for the move. Contact us.

€150 / one-time fee

Extra hours

Is your move taking longer than expected? It is possible to continue longer. Please indicate in advance. Contact us.

€75 per extra hour

1 uur huren?

1 uur is genoeg tijd om verhuislift effectief te gebruiken. Neem contact op.


/ eenmalig

*75 euro per elk volgend uur en voorrijkosten v.a. 30 euro.

2 uur huren?

2 uur verhuistijd geeft minder stress en is voordeliger voor de verhuizing. Neem contact op.


/ eenmalig

*75 euro per elk volgend uur en voorrijkosten v.a. 30 euro.

Changing location?

You need a moving lift at your beginning and end location. That’s possible, you only pay an additional fee for the kilometers from A to B. €0,75 per kilometer.

Need extra hands?

Starting from €30 per hour (minimum of 2 hours).

Need a moving van with a driver?

Starting from €65 per hour (minimum of 2 hours).

Rent a moving lift?

Moving can be a challenging and stressful task, especially if you have a lot of large furniture and heavy items to move. Renting a moving lift can alleviate these concerns and significantly simplify the process. A moving lift offers a quick and efficient way to move furniture and other items up or down without worrying about lifting heavy objects, damaging your back or damaging stairs or doors.

Rent a moving lift today!

Are you planning to move and are you looking for an easy way to transport your belongings from A to B? Rent our moving lift today! Our moving lifts are easy to operate and offer plenty of space for all your belongings. Plus, we always offer the best rates and the best service. Don't wait any longer and rent our moving lift today!