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What is a moving lift?

A moving lift is a lift used to bring large or heavy objects up or down. This means that you will have to carry fewer heavy items, which is much better for your back.

Loading and Unloading

The operator of our moving lift officially does not load and unload. Our moving lift Specialist only operates the moving lift but of course also looks at safety and, among other things, the positioning of the moving lift.

When are we not coming?

We do not come with gusts of wind higher than 4! We also do not operate in case of heavy fog, as we need to be able to clearly see what is happening above.

How will the job look like?

Our moving lift specialist will arrive at a prepared address and will position the moving lift so that it is stable and secure. The moving lift specialist will also check the end of the lift to make sure everything is in order. When everything is correct, our operator will give a "Go" signal and the items can placed on the platform. The transport will then be initiated.

Why am I paying for call-out charges?

This enables us to charge a fixed amount for the placement of the moving lift regardless of the traffic situation. If we are stuck in traffic, you will not be charged extra!

Do rates stay the same on public holidays?

No, our rates may increase on public holidays.

How high can the moving lift go?

Our moving lift can go up to the 9th floor (27m), if the moving lift can stand right in front of the building.

How many kg can the moving lift carry?

Our moving lift can easily handle 350 kg.

Are rates incl. or excl. VAT?

All rates we provide to private customers are incl. VAT, and all rates provided to business customers are excl. VAT.

Are you also available on weekends?

Yes, absolutely! The standard rates also apply unless it is an evening shift or a shift that falls on a Sunday.

Do you have evening rates?

Yes, jobs starting after 18:00 fall under our evening rate.

How do I apply for a permit for a moving lift?

You can apply for a permit at your local municipality. Costs may vary by city.

How do I pay?

At the end of the job, private customers can pay via a payment request and business customers can pay via a payment request or by invoice.

Can a moving lift be placed anywhere?

Unfortunately, not. Because a moving lift has 4 hydraulic attachments that lift the truck up in such a way that it must be placed on a hard surface. If there is no hard surface available, we do have ramps that you can purchase from us, so that we can still proceed with the job.

From which floor can the moving lift be used?

Because a removal lift works with an angular degree, it can be used from the 2nd floor without any problem.

What about cancellation fees?

If you cancel a job within 7 days, you pay 50% of the quote amount. If you do this for before those 7 days, there are no costs involved.

Are we available for emergency situations?

Absolutely! Emergency fees are included.

Do I need to consider parking spaces for the moving lift?

Yes, it is the responsibility of the customer to prepare for free access for the use of the moving lift. If there is no parking space and we have to use the public road, a permit must be obtained. We will assist you with pleasure with obtaining a permit.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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